LDR 100

LDR100This is the first step I take as a student minoring in Leadership. It also happens to be a very important step toward bettering my leadership
lifestyle. LDR 100 is a pretty simple class. It’s straight forward, it’s fun, and it offers guidance. And although the class also offers many challenges, it is not a  point of stress. The class not only teaches valuable leadership lessons but many management strategies for being a successful college student. Other students who don’t have the opportunity to take a class such as this won’t learn the ins and outs quickly (or some–not at all). By whichever path lead me to this point, I consider myself lucky.

As I continue on a path from LDR 100, I hope to take what I have learned to heart and apply it to my job, my classes, and my relationships. I may be a COM major, but I have yet to take a communication class that has taught me more about relationships–professional or personal. I look forward to the days that I really bring out the skills I have acquired so far. However, I am not perfectly well-rounded; I still have some rough edges. Up next is LDR 200. I usually wouldn’t be nervous about any leadership class but, then again, I usually know the majority of the people in the class. Next semester I will be taking the class with students I’ve never met before. This may sound normal for most college classes but it is certainly not common for students in the Leader Advancement Scholar program to take a leadership class without their cohort (especially this early into school). Wish me luck!


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