Perfectly Prepared Students Probe President for Positive Answers

In LDR100 we had the opportunity to speak with the president of the University. Being able to speak with President Ross instead of being talked at is pretty neat. Engaging speakers are certainly easier to listen to and learn from. The President had printed out handouts to outline his main points for us. The points clearly outlined some of the President’s important life values and words to live by. He clearly put his best foot forward because he sees how serious we are as students. It was different however, to see a person in power who willingly gets into the position to be asked questions from such serious students. He was comfortable being uncomfortable and I respect that.

After we learned what we could from some of his more intense life stories, we got down to business. The questions that were asked surprised even me. I constantly see my classmates in a rather silly state outside of class. I was thoroughly impressed by the questions that they came up with for President Ross. Previously meditated or spontaneously conjured, the ideas for these questions were good. After hearing some of them It prompted me to get into the conversation. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what question I ended up asking–but I do remember one thing. One of my classmates asked what our school was doing to compete with Big Ten schools. The president talked about some of the recent academic programs that have grown or emerged. He talked about the Leader Advancement Scholars, of course. He even added on some of the amazing things that alumni have done and told him about. Then I raised my hand. Instead of asking another prying question, I asked to add on to his answer. I told my classmate that CMU competes with Big Ten schools with the campus itself and how nice it is. I told him that one of the biggest reasons for me deciding to come here was because students at CMU are more involved and dedicated to their passions than I have ever heard of or seen. CMU encourages students to be so much more than students by the amount of extracurricular opportunities on campus and the high involvement in every form of it. My friends who went to Michigan State and Michigan University are never doing anything. Sure, they do homework and study but what else? They are basically wasting their free time by not joining anything or volunteering. Getting a job won’t just be like going to class and studying. I just see more practicality and usefulness in how students here are living. CMU truly graduates leaders.


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