Worn Down

I previously posted about something called the Connections Conference. On the second day, I found myself in just the session that I needed. Whether I got there by accident or not is irrelevant now, but I am certainly glad I got there.

“Worn Out Leaders: Getting Yourself Out of a Leadership Rut” titled a session lead by Suzy Herman. Now if you couldn’t tell from any of my previous posts, you should know that I really needed this. I’ve been drawing all my inspiration from nature and other things I’ve learned at conferences. After attending this session I can see again that I have, inside me, inspiration and original thought every day.

Some days or weeks, my heart seems to pump blood of a dull nature. My brain’s neurotransmitters feel as if they slow to a painful and unresponsive state. My body prepares for unreasonable sadness. This is most often caused by unpleasant repetitive days that result in days where I want to do nothing. Not even fun things like play Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. It’s a serious problem that I wasn’t sure I had the tools to address until now.

asain eyes
Telling stories at the Connection Conference 

We started by drawing what we love about our various leadership roles. Secondly, we identified what symptoms we display as worn out leaders. For example, I wrote,

“1. Finding walls very interesting for hours

2. Researching jobs that don’t require higher education

3. Spending time alone even when offered fun things to do with others”
The solutions that Suzy helped me to come up with include changing my schedule as much as possible without putting important things off, and re-evaluating my priorities.

It seems like maybe I could have come up with these cures on my won, but maybe I just needed this kick start from someone with experience. Either way, I am extremely glad and extremely thankful for that session.



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