HST 110 L


It’s that one ‘L’ on the end of the class title that makes the big difference.

When I was in high school, I took advanced placement US history. I learned far more information about the American past that I will probably ever need to know. So many years, plans, names, and acts memorized and yet I didn’t learn a lot.

In HST110L we had to memorize many of those things over again. The main difference between an American history class strictly about the facts and one that focuses on the leaders and their leadership styles through history, is that we learn a ton more. And not just about American history, but we learned about leadership throughout the country and within ourselves. mlk

We carefully analyzed some of history’s greatest leaders and what made them leave such prominent legacies. We did this by being assigned reading and plenty of papers to write. I could complain for days about the work load, but I honestly appreciate the work we did. Sure, it was pretty stressful. However, I am pretty proud of the papers that I wrote in that class.

It all worked up to the second to last assignment that we had. We were asked to write 10 to 12 pages on a leader of our choosing and how they affected American culture. I chose, obviously, Bruce Lee. I already knew a lot about Bruce Lee to begin with so I was exctied to write this paper. After doing the research and reading books, I grew more and more interested as I wrote the paper. This paper not only pushed me harder than any paper had before, but it let me into more inspiring details of Bruce Lee’s life.


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