LDR 200

My experience in LDR 200 started out and continued to be, much different than those in my cohort. Even though we are reserved an entire course section to our cohort, a class for my major interfered with the time that the cohort had LDR 200 together. So an adviser helped me get into another section of the class. Instead of taking it with the rest of my LAS cohort, I took LDR 200 with students who may or may not be interested in getting the leadership minor.

The class was run, so I’ve heard, very differently form the way mine was conducted. For one, two of my classes were held in the adventure center where we practiced team bonding activities applying our theories from the textbook. stand alone

I went into the class expecting it to feel just like any other class. I knew that a leadership class without my leadership classmates wouldn’t feel like it should. I missed having close ties to the people in my class. Having the connections with students make for deeper discussions and more meaningful conversations each class. Despite this piece that seemed to be missing, I was not disappointed.

Having been away from what I got used to in first semester, I was once again, out my element (which seems to be a theme in college). It it was just OK. For the first time, I learned about leadership in more of a methodical and scripted way. I was able to hear about the statistics that came from studies on leadership skills and theories. Leadership is living and ever-changing. It’s something that lives through those who live to make it happen. But much like the things we learn about in psychology, it was satisfying to hear data. Not that confirmation is necessary, but it certainly makes it easy analyze what works where and when.

The last thing that was particularly different about my LDR 200 experience, was not being able to take part in the mentor/mentee selection process. Everyone makes a big deal of this. In this event, us freshmen who are about to be sophomores in the LAS program will be assigned to an incoming freshman to mentor for coming years. After experiencing endless discussions on what would be the most fair, the day came and I had to have faith in the process as my roommates when to the selection process as I went to work and another class. After the fact, I am blessed enough to have the most wonderful mentee. By some miracle, I have a mentee that is very similar to myself. I would have been happy getting anyone but I am shocked at the luck of the draw.


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