A Celebratory LEAD Team

I previously posted about being on something called a LEAD Team. Last year I participated in something called Spot Light which highlighted members of the leadership community on campus and other leadership events around campus After being a member of a lead team that didn’t have great communication or regular updates within our team, I wanted to become a chair in order to ensure at least one lead team would have better communication and positive participation.

I was given the position to be a co-chair of our team that puts on Grad Ball for our graduating LAS members. Because we are in charge of planing a serious event rather than doing periodic work throughout the year, it was very different for me. Luckily, my co-chair was a veteran of the Grad Ball team. We separated our tasks as leaders of this team by communication, logistics, and other miscellaneous tasks. I was in charge of making sure that everyone knew what was going on, when meetings would take place, where, and why we were having our meetings. We made sure that each time we met there were clear goals for the night. We didn’t meat when there was just simple information to share, when we didn’t feel that there was enough work for everyone to do, or when we just needed to remind our team members of something.

Amanda, my co-chair, was an amazing. I was asking so many questions all the time. She was so patient. She understood that I was on a very different type of LEAD team previously and this was my first time being a chair. She took care of most of the budget issues and gave me more hands on tasks which fit my experience quite nicely.

Grad Ball is coming up. We are crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s in the next week to ensure we are ready to go. We have separate committees within our team to make sure that details are taken care of efficiently so things should go smoothly the day of! For now I will post a happy picture from last year’s grad ball. In a week or so I will add pictures from a cute photo booth area I am currently working on and comment on how the night goes. Fingers crossed! gradball


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