RSO: (Registered Student Organization or Real Sick Opportunities?)

I want to say I am sorry for the title.

I’m really not that sorry though, just think about it.

Every Friday night I meet in the lobby of my old dorm hall with anywhere from 10 to 45 people who have come to play games. It can range anywhere from Taboo to Settlers of Catan and from Family Feud to Super Smash Bros. We plan special event nights that include a barbecue, volleyball at the Student Activity Center, going to the casino, a euchre tournament, and many others.  There are no try outs or skills required to join. It’s suggested that you really like board games and games of other sorts but you could even learn to love them if you’re looking for new things to do. We go for hours on end switching from game to game with a technique we named “game islands”.

This has been the largest Classic Games Club year yet. One night, we even had over 60 people come through to play games with us.

The easygoing atmosphere and friendliness was immediately offered to me and I started telling everyone to check this club out. I have had a couple friends here and there already come play games with us which is why I decided to run for the publicity chair. Several people ran and now my pal Corey and I are co-chairs. I created a Classic Game Club Instagram that we run and I bought tons of chalk to mark up the sidewalks around campus. After talking with our treasurer, it sounds like I’ll even be able to get some t-shirts in the works for my senior year.

I also joined a NEW RSO this year. Running Club! Yeah, I’m a little crazy if I enjoy running. But it’s one of the best ways to clear my head and get my frustrations out without wasting money at the bars too often–a much healthier choice. However, I was pretty bummed that I had to spend much of my time shouting support to my friend Nino instead of actually running on the track because I had a small tear in my meniscus. But, with all the connections I made on the team, I immediately felt like I had 30 new friends. I even came up with a running schedule for myself over the summer in which I get to run with several of these new friends every week and that’s amazing. They were truly so accepting of me and supportive of getting over my injury.


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