At central Michigan University, I plan to major in Communication  and minor in Leadership. I chose communication because I have always had a passion for public speaking, writing, and reaching truth more effectively through words that best capture ideas. I will minor in Leadership because the study of leadership has already taken up a large portion of my life; I wouldn’t have it any other way. From being told I was a natural born leader to developing skills I didn’t know existed, leadership is undeniably my source of inspiration and wisdom.

See my Leader Advancement Scholarship page for more information.

I chose CMU because of the levels of involvement on campus. There isn’t just something for anyone, there are countless things for everyone. There are nearly 400 student organizations and countless internships, jobs, and clubs that aren’t only fun, but relevant to improving our futures. The one thing, however, that tipped the scale in CMU’s favor was the  The
Leadership Institute.



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