I graduated from running in circles around a track to going where I have always longed to go. Since my tiny legs were first able to run, I have been adventuring the outdoors. I go camping multiple times every year, I seek out new interesting places in my seemingly familiar yard back at home, and I do my best to see all the wonders that mother nature has to offer. I recently discovered the best way to get my exercise and be blown away by the power of the earth. I hike up into the mountains.

My love for dancing blossomed from it being anything and everything that I need it to be. It can be challenging, sophisticated, and strenuous at times but it s also an outlet, a relaxation method, and one of my favorite social activities.  From doing tiny dances in the kitchen while eating some yummy snacks to sweating bullets in the dance room while learning new choreography, I can count on my mind and body craving dance on all levels.




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