ice and snow
You’ll notice that all around my blog are mountain-top pictures. Each one is a picture that I took from fairly high altitudes. I will continue to make journeys that involve even higher, colder, and far more challenging climbs. (Flat Top Mountain, Estes Park, Colorado. August, 2015)

I am from Holly, Michigan. I’m currently working on a COMP TIA A+ certification to help other excel in their own passions as our world adjusts to working from home and relying on computers and IT more and more.

My brother and I have been practicing martial arts since the age of four and now I have two black belts (a second degree and Ryukyu Kempo and a first degree in Koei Kan). I have two dogs, Bane and Talia, who I love more than most people; I don’t dislike everyone, I just happen to really love my dogs. I picked up dancing  six years ago and have continued through a dance club at CMU. I also have a passion for learning and developing leadership skills.

Leadership is everyday. It is a way of life. With each blog that I post, I intend to share the many ways in which leadership impacts my life and many other’s. I hope that at least one of my blogs can speak to every single person that finds themselves at this web address. My goals for leadership have never been just to better myself, but to take others along the journey to higher summits of leadership lessons and discovery.

One of the most important lessons I actively share is that of self-defense.

2nd degree
My sensei (left) and I (right) on the day that I was promoted to a second degree black belt in Ryukyu Kempo, July 11, 2017.

It is crucial for any and everyone to know smart and safe ways to avoid getting hurt or being put in threatening situations. I teach martial arts and occasional women’s self-defense seminars. My hope is to fight against predators by enabling others to defend themselves effectively. As much as we would like to be there for each and every person we love, we can’t always be by their side.  I take these lessons very seriously and teach them with precision and care as I continue to take classes of my own to better myself.

kalie splits
My lovely roommate Riley Bussell is a wonderful photographer who encourages me to take funny pictures no matter where we go. (Papa’s Pumpkin Patch, October 2016)

I danced for Infusion Club Dance Team and I was publicity chair for Classic games club. Hard work and study aside, I have current hobbies and activities just for fun. Shoot me an email or find me on social media if there’s anything you’d like to discuss!

I’d like to recognize Katie Rae and Dan Gaken for taking most the leadership photos that are found in my posts. I may be able to take pictures at the tops of mountains but I’ll never be able to capture the warmth in our leadership students’ faces like those two do!

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